Meeting Room Facilities




Split teams

50′ Monitor

Huge whiteboard surface

Meeting space with large whiteboards

In addition to the large whiteboards, our meeting room facilities include 4 portable flip charts to cover even your most demanding meeting. Thinking of splitting into groups? No problem! We made our meeting room flexible and agile exactly for this reason

 All facilities included

Flip charts, markers, stickers and all the office supplies for facilitation are always included in our meeting room facilities. You should never worry about those details. We got you covered!

Meeting space with facilities included

Amsterdam style meeting room with a garden (QUIET ZONE)

Meeting space with garden

Yes indeed! A meeting room with a garden! Due to the residential area, we call our garden the QUIET ZONE. We love our neighbors so please be mindful and keep a low voice while enjoying the outdoor space. In the garden, we have some interesting games and even darts. Don’t be shy, just grab them and play. Sorry, although flip charts and presentations are not allowed in the garden due to the noise.


Meeting Room Pricing

Half Day


4 hours – €75 for any extra hour
  • Free coffee / tea
  • €5,00 per person for breakfast snacks, energy bars (optional)
  • All office supplies included
  • Lunch € 17 / pp not included
  • Max Capacity 20 people

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Full Day


8 hours – €75 for any extra hour
  • Free coffee / tea
  • €5,00 per person for breakfast snacks, energy bars (optional)
  • All office supplies included
  • Lunch € 17 / pp not included
  • Max Capacity 20 people

Request Availability

Our meeting room pricing can assure you that you get the best Amsterdam experience in an affordable price. Our room is meant to be available for everyone and not only the high budget players.

Drop us an email or call us for your reservation requirements at (+31) 20 8932617

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What our customers say...

We had a picnic event and it was an absolute success! Very friendly, helpfull people own this place. Price is very fair, everything went well and my event was a blast! Thank you so much for everything!

Yol Martiniv - 6/19/2019

Amazing working space! Cozy, wonderfully decorated, conveniently located, quiet, and the owners attend to the guests' needs in order to create the ideal working space. Definitely recommended!

Caterina Tzoridou - 5/22/2019

Fantastic meeting space. Comfortable, spacious and a lot of meeting amenities. Nadia hosted out group of 8 persons in an excellent way. Definitely a recommendation!

Guido Kloek - 1/18/2019

A meeting room in the heart of Amsterdam

Located in a picturesque and vibrant old west neighborhood full of history and unique buildings. Only 10′ minutes biking from the center of Amsterdam.
Coming by public transport?

  • Nearby tram lines are 17, 7 and 1
  • The tram stations are from 5′ till 10′ away on foot

Coming by car?

  • From our experience municipality parking is usually available even during peak hours. The cost per hour is €3,00 and are payable at the municipality machines
  • Alternative option is ParkBee private parking only 8′ minutes away by foot. The cost per hour during peak hours is €2,50. Cost for the whole day is €21,00

Kanaalstraat 132 H, 1054XN

Hire a meeting room in Amsterdam

We spent hours and hours brainstorming in different unproductive meeting spaces in Amsterdam. This inspired us to create a unique meeting space experience – Creative Point. A meeting room in the heart of Old West Amsterdam.

A meeting room for brainstorms and a vast spectrum of workshops. Above all, we wanted a space where you you can capture your creativity with all the facilities and  necessary tools.

For instance, large whiteboards with brainstorming utilities, covering more than 5 meters of surface. This combined in a bright space with high ceilings and plenty of daylight. Comfortable chairs, colourful plants and a chill out area creates a cozy ambient atmosphere. We added special touch to the interior focusing on a homy feeling! Finally a 40 sq/m outdoor area! This can be an excellent alternative for brainstorming or just relaxing.

Creative Point has a unique ground floor planning. Our separable tables can adjust to fit various types of meetings. For instance U-shape, Classroom, Presentations and workshops.

Creative Venue A

Creative Venue B

Our meeting rooms consists of 80 sq/m indoor and 40 sq/m outdoor area. Therefore it is ideal for teams up to 20 members. You will also find plenty of games around. Because we strongly believe that even the smartest brain needs few minutes of game to get back to focus and thrive with excellent ideas!

Check our  competitive pricing.