Pricing & Facilities

For appointments and reservation requests feel free to give us a call or drop us an email at:

What's included in our pricing

Coffee and Tea are always free of charge. Flip charts, markers, stickers and all the office supplies for facilitation are always included in our meeting room pricing.
  • TV with HDMI, Chromecast connectivity
  • 100 Mbps Wi-Fi
  • Large whiteboard and flip charts
  • Presentation kit, clicker / beamer
  • Stickies, markers, post its and all office supplies (Facilitation kit)
  • Kitchen with utilities
  • Toast Maker
  • Microwave
  • Private bathroom
  • Garden
Full Day
550 8 hours
  • Facilitation Kit
  • Presentation kit
  • Free coffee & Tea
  • Breakfast €5 p/p (optional)
  • Lunch €17 p/p (optional)
Half Day
300 4 hours
  • Facilitation Kit
  • Presentation kit
  • Free coffee & Tea
  • Breakfast €5 p/p (optional)
  • Lunch €17 p/p (optional)

Evenings & Weekends pricing is €50 per hour

  • Evenings - Mon - Friday from 6pm till 9pm
  • Weekends Sat - Sun from 10am till 5pm

What about lunch?

The cost is €17 p/p excluding VAT 9%

Lunch is the most important part of your meeting agenda because sometimes you just can’t move on with an empty belly! We provide lunch options in collaboration with Olivity. Vegetarian & vegan options available


The cost is €5 p/p excluding VAT 9%

Breakfast is optional and includes delicious pastries, croissant, nuts, fruits, cake and juices.

Cancellation Policy

You can inform us for a potential cancellation notice within at least 10 business days in advance. However if you decide to cancel earlier, then we will charge the total amount of our renting rate.

Payment methods

  • Bank Transfer
  • Visa / Mastercard (You will receive a payment link via Stripe)

What our customers say

We had a picnic event and it was an absolute success! Very friendly, helpfull people own this place. Price is very fair, everything went well and my event was a blast! Thank you so much for everything!
Yol Martiniv
Amazing working space! Cozy, wonderfully decorated, conveniently located, quiet, and the owners attend to the guests' needs in order to create the ideal working space. Definitely recommended!
Caterina Tzoridou
Fantastic meeting space. Comfortable, spacious and a lot of meeting amenities. Nadia hosted out group of 8 persons in an excellent way. Definitely a recommendation!
Guido Kloek

Proud to have hosted