5m whiteboard surface

Besides the large whiteboards, we offer 2 additional portable flip charts to cover even your most demanding meeting.

 Brainstorming kit

Flip charts, markers, stickers and all the office supplies for facilitation are included in the price. We don’t want you to worry about those details!

Coffee / tea and snacks

We want you in top shape! That’s why we have for you quality coffee, energy bars, fruits and flavored vitamin water.

40  sq/m outdoor garden

Yes! An escape room ready for you to brainstorm or just relax and regain your focus. We don’t encourage smoking but feel free to enjoy!

Max capacity 20 people

Our meeting area consists of 6 tables that can be separated for workshops and other types of events. In total we offer 20 chairs although more sitting options are available for classroom and presentations. Our recommended maximum capacity is 20 people.


  • Wifi internet connection 100 Mbps
  • 5m of whiteboard surface
  • Two Nobo portable flip charts
  • Portable 49′ Ultra HD 4K smart TV with HDMI, Wifi connectivity
  • Sound system –¬†Hernan Kardon bluetooth, wifi and mini jack connectivity
  • Presentation kit, clicker
  • Stickies, markers, post its and all office supplies (Facilitation kit)
  • Kitchen with utilities
  • Bathroom
  • Lunch area
  • 40 sq/m garden (smoking is allowed)
  • Table setup (U-shape, Classroom, Standing, Theater)
Breakfast / snacks

We always welcome you with tasty snacks for breakfast. Coffee, tea and juice along with fruits and energy bars are provided. Sorry no bacon and eggs…


We provide lunch options in collaboration with catering companies. You will find the choice in the reservation form.