Meeting Room Facilities




Split teams

7 x tables

Huge whiteboard surface

In addition to the large whiteboards, our meeting room facilities include 4 portable flip charts to cover even your most demanding meeting. Thinking of splitting into groups? No problem! We made our meeting room flexible and agile exactly for this reason

 All facilities included

Flip charts, markers, stickers and all the office supplies for facilitation are always included in our meeting room facilities. You should never worry about those details. We got you covered!

Creative point facilitation kit

Amsterdam style meeting room with a garden

Cozy meeting space Amsterdam

Yes indeed! A meeting room with a garden! Use it to brainstorm or just relax and regain your focus. In the garden, we have some interesting games and even darts. Don’t be shy, just grab the and play. Game is part of the creativity process!


  • Wifi internet connection 100 Mbps
  • 5m of whiteboard surface
  • Two Nobo portable flip charts
  • Portable 49′ Ultra HD 4K smart TV with HDMI, Wifi connectivity
  • Sound system – Hernan Kardon bluetooth, wifi and mini jack connectivity
  • Presentation kit, clicker
  • Stickies, markers, post its and all office supplies (Facilitation kit)
  • Kitchen with utilities
  • Bathroom
  • Lunch area
  • 40 sq/m garden (smoking is allowed)
  • Table setup (U-shape, Classroom, Standing, Theater)
Breakfast / snacks

We always welcome you with tasty snacks for breakfast so that you can start your day fresh and energized! Because coffee, tea are great but everything is better with some snacks. Juice along with fruits and energy bars are always provided. We don’t have a huge kitchen and as a result we can’t prepare bacon and eggs for you :/


Lunch is the most important part of your meeting agenda because sometimes you just can’t move on with an empty belly!

We provide lunch options in collaboration with top catering companies. As a result you will never be disappointed by the quality of our catering. You will find those choices in our reservation request form.