Job opening: Venue Manager Full Time (Amsterdam)

Who we are and what we offer

At Creative Point Amsterdam we offer unique and productive locations for teams and entrepreneurs to do their best work outside of their office. We provide all the necessary tools and facilities such as conferencing software, whiteboards, flip-charts together with delicious external catering services. 

Effective, to the point and fast communication is what separates us from our competitors. We offer our clients flexibility and a personalized experience for every unique reservation. 

A venue manager at Creative Point Amsterdam is a person that has pleasant and meaningful interactions with people they just met. They can easily engage in a conversation without feeling uncomfortable. They are a person that has dedication towards delivering a great customer experience without compromises in quality. 

Our venue manager excels in every form of communication while understanding basic sales principles and body language gestures.


  • Morning team check-in. Usually at our premises at 8am until max 10am.
  • Setup team and premises. Help the team to connect to the TV, show the venue and make them feel comfortable and welcome.
  • Evening team check-out. Usually at our premises between 5pm till 6pm.
  • Inventory assessment – Periodically check what’s missing and what needs to be ordered (coffee, tea, paper flip-charts etc).
  • Periodically check if markers are working, ceiling lamps are not burnt, if we have enough post-its on the tables and that everything is in order to accept customers.
  • On top of every communication channel. We mostly work with B2B therefore email is our primary communication then online chat and sometimes phone. Within working hours (9am till 6pm) – we will never ask you to do cold calling.
  • Make sure catering is arranged and everything in order with our external vendors – mostly a streamlined automated process. 
  • Make sure cleaning services are informed and up to date about our reservations. 
  • Will set up campaigns and email marketing communication with tools such as MailChimp.
  • Managing customer relationships through CRM software.
  • Work with tools such as Trello board, google calendars and ticketing systems to effectively manage our reservations.
  • Work from anywhere you want when your presence is not required at the venues.
  • Seeking new opportunities and ways to improve the business from internal processes to automations and help us scale up.
  • Research for new markets and audiences to attract more business customers.
  • Dress code is casual to business casual, depending on the teams we are hosting. Attention to detail is appreciated.


  • Proficient English both in writing and verbal communication. Dutch language will be a huge plus.
  • Cycling is a MUST as in rare cases we need to check in with our customers more than once during the day. Commuting with public transport is not always reliable and takes too long.
  • Customer service experience in hospitality or other related industries.
  • Demonstration of advanced understanding of customer service in verbal and written.
  • A great problem solver that can work under pressure. For example replying to a chat while customers are at our location. Multitasking is not frequent but it does happen.
  • Seeks into new markets to expand the business and proactively tries to improve the business when not in the premises.
  • Is a methodical and well organized person.
  • Has effective to the point communication without allowing any room for doubts.
  • A person that genuinely enjoys being with people and serving customers.
  • Knows how to communicate and discuss feedback (receive and provide).

What we offer:

A long term freelance contract (KVK registration required) in a very flexible working environment. We expect to grow rapidly in the next 12 to 24 months. We don’t intend to hire employees in the next 6 months but it can be considered after a period of fruitful collaboration.

  • Competitive freelancer compensation on a monthly basis. Depends from the experience and hours that someone want to commit.
  • 2 weeks of fully paid holidays for freelancers.
  • 2 weeks of fully paid sick days for freelancers.
  • Reward bonus on productivity and when proven to have added value to the business. (Quarterly)
  • A company ipad and an iphone.
  • €100 learning voucher per month for online platforms such as Udemy, etc. The voucher applies for topics related to our business such as (email marketing, business automation, GoogleAds etc).
  • €50 per month for attending Meetups and conferences for business related activities
  • €50 commuting allowance depending on the person’s location

Why work with us:

Creative Point is a flexible working environment and a small team of enthusiasts. 

Your contribution will be directly visible and massively impacting our business every day. 

We are learning every day and we are eager to learn from your experience and expertise. We value everyone’s opinion and we are open to change and experimentation with new ideas.

The journey of a successful company is just starting here and by joining in this early stage you can have great opportunities for growth in various areas that we will be opening positions for while scaling.

We are already a profitable startup that is planning to grow exponentially in the next year. Nevertheless we are still a very small team of 2 people who are learning everyday how to become better and improve the business. 

We expect from a potential candidate a strong feedback culture and excitement to achieve goals and grow as an individual.

Are you excited about joining our small team? 

Send your CV and cover letter to