About us

Hospitality is part of our Greek DNA

We are a small family business and we love what we do.

By choosing Creative Point for your next event you support a small family business 😉

We are creative point Amsterdam

We are Tomasz and Nadia

It all started in 2014...

When I was given the opportunity to work for Booking.com as  UX designer. We relocated from Thessaloniki, Greece and found ourselves living in Amsterdam! 

During my time at Booking.com 2015 I spent countless hours trainings, team off-sites and workshops. I was hungry to design an experience that people can touch and feel. This is what sparked the idea of a creative, meeting space in Amsterdam. We had no idea how to make it work but went with it anyway.

In 2018 we opened Blossom

End of 2019 we opened Aurora. And 4 months later Covid started. What a ride it was! Proud to still be here. 

Nadia is my partner in life and the mastermind behind the decoration of Creative Point and the practical side of things.  I love working with the TECH side of things and exploring automations to have more time with family.  

6 years later we are still here

Now also parents of 2 wonderful girls Nefeli & Olivia

Don’t be surprised if we welcome you with a little Olivia or the cheerful giggles of Nefeli. I promise they will only brighten up your day 😉 Comes with running a family business 🤣

We stick to our values or offering personal and memorable team outing experiences. 

Looking forwarding to welcoming you at our locations!

Tomasz and Nadia Keukenhof

Proud to have hosted