You can still use our creative meeting rooms for only 2 hours although the minimum duration that we will charge  you will pay is for half day.

You can always rent for 2 hours during evenings and weekends. Please refer to our pricing section for more details.  

Some exemptions can be made especially for very last minute requests considering that we have availability.

Yes you can! When your meeting is scheduled for 9am as an example we always there at least 30′ in advance to make sure that your team has everything they need. 

That said your team members can arrive at 8:30am if your event starts at 9am.

Yes! The tables are separable and very light exactly for that reason.

The Venue A has 6 separable tables and Venue B has 4 tables. We can also store the tables to allow you a table free area for presentations, workshops and bootcamps.

That said we can always adjust the table setup to meet your meeting requirements 

Definitely! We do offer delicious catering options via Olivity although you can bring your own breakfast / lunch. Both creative meeting rooms have a kitchen with utilities. We will provide you with all the utensils for your own lunch. 

Due to the residential nature of the area, we are not able to host events with loud music and large groups. In some cases we have allowed baby showers and dinners although parties are not allowed.  

Both meeting rooms have a large garden which is approximately 40sq/m. 

Due to the residential nature of the area, barbecue is not allowed. Firstly because of the smoke and secondly because of the noise.

The garden can be used as a break out space, with respect to the neighbours and residents of the area.

Almost every meeting needs some preparation. We always allow our customers to arrive 30 minutes earlier at the venue and provide at least 15 minutes after the defined end time to wrap up their event. 

For this reason we do not offer 30 minute rates. If your event starts for example at 10:30 and finishes at 1pm then the total chargeable duration is 3 hours and not 2,5 hours.