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In this first, kickstart session we invited Saurav Roy, Product Manager at Booking.com.

During this session with Saurav, we will discuss the skillset and specific knowledge required to get a job as a PM and further grow in the role. Everyone’s case is a little different thus those events will be always in small groups.
Our main objective is a meaningful conversation that drive real value for the participants.

Common questions to be answered during this event:

– I want to move to a PM role but have no experience, where should I start?
– What are the core responsibilities of a PM?
– Should I consider startups or mid-level/big companies?
– How to prepare for PM interviews? Specific examples?
– What does the growth path look like for a PM?
– What are the main set of skills you need to succeed in the role?
– What specializations are possible in a PM role?
– Does a PM have to be a people manager?

Attendees will receive a sli.do link to add their own questions and vote for existing ones.

Attendees will also receive a link to the presentation containing information material and resources regarding the Product Manager role.

12:30pm – You can arrive at the venue
1:00pm – Kickstart the discussion (top 5 most questions from sli.do)
2:00pm – 10′ break
2:15pm – Continue discussion based on your questions
3:00pm – Wrap up, round of feedback
3:30pm – Networking drinks in the area (Optional)

Tickets available at: https://www.meetup.com/Knowledge-Sharing-with-Technology-Experts-Series/events/264749060/