UX Design & Machine Learning – The insider Talk with Technology Experts

Happy to announce our second event with Pedro Marques, senior Product Designer at Adyen.

Pedro has extensive experience in UX design from multiple disciplines. Product design, data driven A/B testing, AI & Machine Learning are some of the unique skillset that Pedro has obtained over his years of experience in the industry. He is also a globally known keynote speaker.

More about Pedro? You can visit his personal site -> https://www.pedromarques.io/

The main objective is a meaningful conversation that drives real value for the participants. Thus we are sharing a soft agenda since we want to be flexible and adjust it based on the questions we will receive during the event.

Common questions to be answered during this event:

– What is there to design in AI?
– Do I need to know data science?
– What is the role design plays in ML?
– Where to start and what to study

Attendees will receive a sli.do link in their Meetup accounts to add their own questions and vote for existing ones. (Check your spam emails as they are sent from Meetup servers which usually ends up in Spam)

6:15pm – You can arrive at the venue
6:30pm – Kickstart the discussion
7:15pm – 15′ break
7:30pm – Continue discussion based on your questions
8:15pm – Wrap up, round of feedback on the session
8:30pm – Networking drinks in the area (Optional)

Creative Point Meeting Space -> www.creativepoint.nl
The event will be facilitated by Tomasz Pieta

You can pay via PayPal or cash during your arrival at the venue